Meet The Team


Hi, my name is Michelle Holloway, Creative Director and Owner . I'm a proud mother, special educator, wife, and a breast cancer survivor. My goal with Partyficial is to show everyone that being creative is a gift to be shared with the world. I have been through a lot, but when creating designs for others I feel invincible.

Hey, my name is Elizabeth Kee, Head of Personnel and Finances. I am a proud girl mom, wife and business partner with my best friend. I have always been a creative person who love making things for others. Now I can help others' visions come to life.

Partyficial is a business that was created when the world was at an all-time low. We created Virtual Parties with the intention of bringing joy and fun back to any home with whoever and wherever they are located. Now Partyficial is shifting our focus to the "& More" of Partyficial. We are happy to announce our transistion into your Custom Appparel & More Vendor, with high quality with any quantity!